For this plant-based recipe Ed Smith suggests cutting the courgettes into triangular wedges — thick enough to ensure the vegetable still retains a fresh crunch, despite being well-charred at the edges. "They’re pretty amazing cooked like this and seasoned with a little salt, pepper and good olive oil. But even better if liberally dusted with za’atar and sat on top a cooling puddle of chilled tahini sauce." This makes an excellent side for something like barbecued lamb leg, and would work well as part of a mezze-style feast.


4 as part of a meze or a side dish


Less than 30 mins


Super easy


80g Arabica tahini

60ml chilled water

juice of 1⁄2 lemon

600g courgettes

Sunflower or vegetable oil for grilling

Arabica Za’atar


Make the tahini sauce in advance of cooking the courgettes. Whisk the tahini in a bowl with 60ml chilled water and the lemon juice. Initially it might appear as though the tahini and liquids won’t combine, but a little perseverance with a balloon whisk will result in a light, thick yoghurt-type texture. Cover and refrigerate until required.

Brush a griddle pan with sunflower oil and place over a high heat. Allow it to heat until near smoking hot.

Wash the courgettes and then cut into thick triangular chunks. Place onto the griddle pan, cut side down, and cook without touching for at least three minutes. Flip the courgettes onto their second cut side and cook for another three minutes. Turn the heat off but flip onto their green side whilst you plate up.

Spoon the tahini over your serving plate / individual plates. Scatter the courgettes over the top, then sprinkle with multiple pinches of za’atar.

Recipe by Ed Smith, author of, On the Side: a sourcebook of inspiring side dishes, and The Borough Market Cookbook.