Arabica started out at borough market selling a range of fresh meze, authentic middle-eastern cooking ingredients, baklava and Turkish delights from a trestle table way back in the early noughties.

Over time, through word of mouth and recommendations, our customer base grew considerably. Today, we supply a wide variety of sectors within the food industry, from small delis to food halls and prestigious hotels.


We supply some of London’s most prestigious hotels, delicatessens and caterers. We deliver throughout London, Monday to Friday, all year round, and can also deliver to surrounding counties.

We’re confident that both you and your customers will love our range of fresh, authentic middle eastern dips, salads and finger foods too, so contact us to arrange a tasting.


For thousands of years, the Middle East held the secrets to spices that Europeans would bankrupt themselves to acquire.

The alchemic knowledge of roasting, grinding and blending the freshest and most fragrant spices was handed down from father to son, mother to daughter over hundreds of generations.

Our Wild Sumac, Za’atar and Dukka our sourced from small producers in the Levant. Our house blends are roast and ground in small batches in England for optimum freshness.


A well-stocked larder provides the culinary armoury to allow the adventurous  cook to thrive, taking the simplest of ingredients and enhancing them with layer upon layer of big bold flavours, textures and aroma.

Our range of authentic middle-eastern cooking ingredients, epitomises the breadth of flavour, colour and texture of one the world’s finest food cultures.



Our range of authentic middle-eastern sweets are handcrafted, all natural, preservative-free and baked to order in London.

The comprehensive range of crisp, buttery, melt-in-the-mouth baklava are crammed full of nuts (Cashew, Walnuts, Pistachio, Almond) and come in a variety of shapes with differing levels of sweetness.  Available in gift boxes or by weight.


You may think you’ve tried Turkish Delight but this is closer to the exotic delicacy of old. Our authentic, all-natural Turkish delights (Lokum) are lower in sugar and richer in natural flavour.

Suitable for Vegans, vegetarians and those with kosher or halal dietary requirements. Available in gift bags or 5kg boxes.


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